WordPress Themes For Musicians or Artists

10 WordPress Themes For Musicians That Rock Hey, guys! Are you a musician, ..

February 11

Dying my beard for Children With Cancer

Many of you may of noticed an increase of my facial hair, I have decided to grow and ..

November 22


I enjoy watching TV shows that expose big brands for what they really are. A good ..

November 22

My New Toy A Blackberry Q10

A couple of months ago I created a post about how I cancelled my phone contract to go ..

August 26

My Experience with the People’s Operator

For the past 6-8 years I have been on a contract phone deal. Of course getting a new ..

June 24

My 1st Car Mod

I’m going to talk about my first ever ( what I call “proper” car ..

May 17

You Can DIY ( If You Want )

So you know your way around Magento or WordPress but not quite confident to tweak the ..

January 27

New Year, New Experiences

So its 2015 a new year, new life experiences and new challenges. This is my first ..

January 4

New Music To Satisfy My Addiction – Music

My name is Kevin and I’m addicted to new music. That is my favourite past time ..

October 16

EE is entering TV Land – Tech

The other day I came across an interesting piece of news which was saying EE was ..

October 12